Space for the little ones:

New groups rooms for Handewitt nursery

Playing, running around, discovering, resting, sleeping, eating lunch together: In 2014, SANI built new rooms for the Danish nursery in Handewitt for Dansk Skoleforening.

In collaboration with the architect Todt & Bahnsen from Husum, we planned the system made up of five coupled containers each measuring 3 x 7 m. In total, the new rooms offer around 100 m2 of play area and workspace divided over two group rooms and a children’s bathroom.

When designing the outside facade, we consider the client’s functionality requirements while creating a cosy atmosphere inside. Both group rooms are fitted with linoleum and beech doors. The acoustic ceiling from Troldtekt, which is made of panels, is used as ceiling covering.

The children’s bathroom was designed with the size and needs of small users in mind. We provided two WCs and the row of sinks at a child-friendly height. Thanks to pre-fabrication in our factory regardless of weather conditions, the final completion and handover to the principal took place on time in July.

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